TrainingPeaks and Garmin Connect future workout synchronisation

TrainingPeaks has recently announced changes to the way synchronisation with Garmin Connect works. This has some really good implications for anyone using their Garmin device to follow structured workout sessions that have come from TrainingPeaks.

Currently if you want to have your workouts automatically come from TrainingPeaks onto your Garmin then you need to use the TrainingPeaks Connect IQ app. This requires a few extra steps to pull down the workout for that day. One of the issues with this is that you can only see the workout for that day.

Now, if you enable this new capability from TrainingPeaks, all your future workouts in TrainingPeaks will get synced across to your Garmin device where they appear in the scheduled workouts section. It even gives you a notification on the main screen to show you that you have a workout to do that day.

So how do you go about setting this up. This guide will take you through step by step:

First of all you need to go to the Garmin Connect page on your Training Peaks account. This will ask you to enable the new functionality if you have already linked your accounts (if not just clickporno seyret on the button that says you have history to sync).

The screen on TrainingPeaks where you enable the new function

Now turn on your Garmin Edge device and I’ll take you through how this looks when you do the workout. You’ll see on the Garmin homepage that the Training icon has a badge showing you have a workout to be done that day.

Garmin Home Screen shows the workout needs doing

Clicking on the Training Icon will take you through to the main Training menu list. Again you get a badge notifying you of the workout to be done today.

Clicking on the Training icon takes you to the Training screen

Now when you click on the Training Calendar menu item you will be taken to the month view of your training. The marks on each date representing completed and upcoming workouts. Today’s workout is indicated below the calendar.

The training calendar

Selecting the days workout will take you to the workout details page. This shows the details of each step in the workout. Click on the Ride button to start your ride.

Training details. Hit that ride button

Now you will see the workout screen showing your target HR or Power and the traffic light bar. Ride to keep the needle in the green.

The workout screen showing your target power

I tried this out earlier on today to see how it worked. First of all it’s a lot easier to get to the workout. No connecting to the TrainingPeaks Connect IQ app, your workouts are already pre-loaded to your Garmin. Also it’s nice pornoto then see that month view of everything. When doing the workout itself you now get the power reading as a 3s average rather than the instantaneous one you used to get. This makes it much easier to hold your power constant. Then if you click on the green details icon at the bottom of the workout you’ll get more information. I’ll experiment with the workout builder in TrainingPeaks to see how more relevant information can be put in there. This could potentially include eating and drinking reminders (although that can be configured at a device level as well).

All in all I think this is a big improvement on how planned workouts sync across between TrainingPeaks and Garmin. It makes my job as the coach easier as well as that of the athlete with clear instructions and targets available on your Garmin device for each workout.